Publications - Journal articles on Patient Safety

These are journal articles, book chapters and reports on my work related to patient safety.

  • Kirk S, Parker D, Claridge T, Esmail A et al. Patient safety culture in primary care: developing a theoretical framework for practical use. View document 184KB.
  • This is a presentation to the National Patient Safety Agency which makes the case for Patient Safety in Primary Care. View document 196KB.
  • This is a report written by the National Patient Safety Agency on 7 Steps to Primary Care. I was part of the editorial group. View document 108KB.
  • Vincent C, Davy C, Esmail A et al. Learning From Litigation. The role of claims analysis in patient safety. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. View document
  • Joyce P, Boaden R, Esmail A. Managing Risk: A taxonomy of error in health policy. Health Affairs. View document 84KB.
  • Hall K, Rosser W, Makeham M, Dovey S, Esmail A, Kuzel A. What is research? An international study reveals a fundamental normative issue. J Clin Ethics (in press).
  • Sandars J, Esmail A. The frequency and nature of error in primary care: understanding the diversity across studies. Fam Pract. 2003. Jun;20(3):231-6.
  • Webb R, Esmail A. Lessons from the dead. An analysis of deaths in an inner city general practice. British Journal of General Practice 2002; 52: 296-299.
  • Esmail A. Better co-operation and less management. In Making patients safer! Reducing error in Canadian healthcare. Healthcare Papers Vol 2. No.1. 2001

Published Reports on Patient Safety

  • Esmail A, Walshe K, Vincent C, Fenn P, Firth-Cozens J, Elstein M, Davy C. Learning from Litigation: using claims data to improve patient safety. Reports submitted to Department of Health, March 2004. MCHCM, University of Manchester.
    Volume 1 992KB, Volume 2 1.1MB, Volume 3 1.4MB, Summary 76KB
  • Sandars J, Esmail A. Threats to patient safety in primary care. A review of the research into the frequency and nature of error in primary care.
    A report for the Department of Health (2001). Report 268KB.