Publications - Reports on Racism

These are reports which have not been published in academic publications but were commissioned and are directly relevant to my research interests on racism in the medical profession.

  • This is a report by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) of the Department of Health on achieving Racial Equality in Medicine. I was part of the working group which was set up to advise the CMO on the report. I was also part of the editorial group which contributed to the writing of the report. View document 328KB.
  • Esmail A, Abel P. Kalra V. A critical review of leadership interventions aimed at people from black and minority ethnic groups. A report for the Health Foundation. View document 444KB.
  • Article in Society Guardian, Slow boat to equality.
  • Esmail A, Abel P. Ethnicity and Diversity and their impact on the performance of doctors. A report commissioned by the National Clinical Assessment Authority. NCAA November 2003. View document 228KB.
    This was also published as a summary in the British Journal of Healthcare Management, view document 76KB.
  • Young R, Noble J, Hann M, Sibbald B, Esmail A, Lovecy J, McNally R (2003) The international market for medical doctors: Perspectives on positioning of the UK. Revised final report submitted to the Department of Health, June 2003. MCHM and NPCRDC, University of Manchester. View document 2MB.
  • Esmail A, Durie A The selection of medical students to the MBChB course 1998-1999. A report to the admission committee of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manchester (2000). View document 160KB.
  • Esmail A. Rethinking affirmative action in medical school admissions – maintaining diversity in a changing political climate. Report to the Commonwealth Fund of New York (1998). View document 228KB.